LAZUR Water Disinfection

LAZUR Ultraviolet and Ultrasonic Water Disinfection Technology

LAZUR technology simultaneously applies the action of Ultraviolet and Ultrasound for the disinfection of water to meet high volume requirements using units currently ranging from 30m3/hr up to 250m3/hr.

Originally designed to meet the needs of Soviet military installations, the LAZUR water disinfection system is built using the highest quality materials with ISO 9001:2000 QMS implemented. The LAZUR technology has also gained recognition for water ecology winning diplomas and awards for innovation and invention.

The synergetic action of UV light and ultrasound produces:

  • Bactericidal effect equivalent to a UV dose of 75 - 150 mJ/cm2
  • 99.9999% efficiency in inactivation and elimination of pathogens

Benefits to the end user of the LAZUR system

LAZUR provides water disinfection to the level, where other UV systems require the size and energy that would be economically prohibitive.

Inactivation of pathogens at shorter exposition times and lower energy consumption mean that 5 seconds of combined UV and Ultrasound are equivalent to 30 seconds of UV only systems.

LAZUR system is effective in the suppression of Legionella pneumophila in cooling tower water, the causative agent of Legionnaires' disease, is known to colonise and frequently grow in cooling tower waters and presents a significant health hazard.

Due to the low UV transmission of cooling tower water (approx 50 – 60% only) other disinfection methods are relatively ineffective, where as the LAZUR system successfully overcomes this problem using its synergistic action of UV and Ultrasound providing reliable disinfection of water and reducing operational costs, as minimal maintenance is required.

Summary of LAZUR system benefits:

  • Efficient disinfection of water due to synergetic action of UV and US including low quality water
  • Enhanced destruction of organics due to synergetic and additive action of UV and US
  • Stable, continuous process due to no fouling of sleeves and body
  • Less reduction in lamp UV output over service life
  • Uniform distribution of UV radiation due to ideal mixing
  • No cleaning required: no labour, no chemicals, no damage to sleeves and no down-time
  • Longer life time of UV lamps – less frequent maintenance
  • Low capital and operational costs
  • ‘Future-proofed' against increased organisms resistance to UV

Learn more about LAZUR water disinfection systems by downloading the Product Information Document

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