Solana Inflector

Solana Inflector Solar Heat and Ultraviolet protection

The revolution energy saving solution for protection against Solar Heat and Ultraviolet whilst allowing visible light through.

Solana Inflector, The see through window insulator barrier is an interior mounted window insulator that addresses heat transfer at the weakest part of the building, the windows.

Originally created by NASA to aid in space travel, through its application on the windows in order to keep away the heat while visibility was still available.

The Inflector panels are uniquely engineered, solar filtering, reflective thermal shades that aids in stabilizing indoor temperature allowing natural light in and reflecting back solar heat and UV rays overall providing a safer, comfortable environment along with lower energy bills.

What is the benefit of Solana Inflector..?

Solana Inflector is the most effective system available today and the only proven system that addresses all four window weaknesses:

  • Infiltration
  • Humidity
  • Reduces the Green House Gas Effect in Buildings
  • And increases energy efficiency and comfort every day of the year

It is the only product available today that makes a building’s windows energy efficient. Inflector is a multi-dimensional product:

  • Roller blinds
  • Vertical blinds
  • Fixed panel with an Aluminium frame
  • Installed in new glass for new builds

How Solana Inflector works

Windows make up the basic fit out as a necessary component to any urban infrastructure be it for commercial or residential use. Homes, shopping malls, hospitals, banks offices all are fitted with windows for its primary purpose of a view and amply natural light allowed into the buildings. When not sealed, windows are also a passage to air for ventilation purposes.

During hot months, heat gain occurs through windows via ultraviolet (UV), visible light (sunlight) and the absorption of infrared radiation. Solar radiation penetrates the glass and heats the room up plus solar radiation heats the glass causing conduction, for example If you put your hand on the glass or film from inside you will feel heat.

This is how conduction interacts with convection as the cold air takes the heat off the glass causing a thermal loop which is a movement of air driven by warm air rising at one end of the loop and cool air descending at the other end.

This result is a constant moving loop of air which makes the A/C work harder to keep the temperature constant.

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