About Solana Power

The proliferation of solar power in developing countries faces challenges at all levels, particularly in distribution, reliability and financing. Solana Power helps companies, charities and governments overcome those challenges, working together to produce sustainable and efficient energy supply through solar technology.

Approximately 1.3 billion people live without regular access to energy. Populations across the developing world are forced to use fuels that pollute and cause respiratory illnesses, like kerosene and biomass, whilst governments spend significant sums of money on inefficient and expensive energy sources that struggle to meet the demands of growing populations.

In the developing world, solar power is the optimum alternative to existing power sources. Solana Power is at the forefront of helping countries develop and build their solar capabilities.

The first half of twenty-first century looks set to be dominated by worldwide investment in renewable energy, waste management, water infrastructure, food production, healthcare, sustainable transport and decent affordable housing.

Whether driven by post-conflict recovery, disaster relief or a general pressure for economic growth, governments and international financial institutions are working together to develop technical projects with viable funding solutions in all of these areas.

Solana Power has identified a strong need for project management capability, with the skill and experience to structure viable projects in the range £20-200m, but without the overhead costs of larger multi-national project management companies, or the uncertain capabilities of many smaller alternatives. Each project is different. Different local requirements, technical solutions, delivery partners, project time scales and funder requirements demand a flexibility of approach in project management.

At Solana Power we offer a range of services aimed at helping developing world countries unlock the potential of solar and green energy solutions.

These include:

  • Project Financing
  • Supply of Equipment
  • Installation Services
  • Maintenance Contracts
  • Project Management

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