Hydrophobic Coating

Solana Hydrophobic Coating

Paving blocks in a pedestrian street have been treated with Solana Smart Protect over 5 years ago. The hydrophobic effect is still present on treated blocks.
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Solana Smart Protect Hydrophobic Coating for concrete, silicate bricks, paving blocks, slabs and other concrete products.

Solana Smart Protect is a super hydrophobic and oleophobic coating based on the principles of nano-technology. Smart Protect protects integrity, increases durability and preserves aesthetic properties of concrete structures, silicate bricks, paving blocks, slabs and other products.

When applied to the material surface, Solana Smart Protect provides the following important functions:

  • Protection against water / oil ingress
  • Moisture control
  • Enhanced resistance to physical and aesthetic deterioration

These functions bring about the following benefits to the treated materials:

  • Prevention or significant reduction of efflorescence or salt damage
  • Prevention of micro-organisms growth on the surface (algae, moss, lichen, etc.)
  • Significant reduction in soiling (staining, dirt pick up, etc.)
  • Improvement of thermal insulation, by effectively drying out the external walls
  • Prevention of material damage from freeze/thaw attack, alkali silica reaction, by preventing the ingress of water
  • Prevention of damage to the steel reinforcement by limiting water uptake and subsequent chlorides and other aggressive salts ingress to the structure

Studies on competing products show the superiority of Solana Smart Protect. For example, Table 1 below demonstrates high efficiency of Solana Smart Protect in the treatment of silicate bricks.

Table 1. Testing of hydrophobic coatings – comparison of Smart Protect against competition


Sample name

Measured parameters

Dry brick weight, kg

Wet brick weight, kg

Water absorption, %



Water absorption





Penta 811

Water absorption





Solana Smart Protect

Water absorption





No treatment

Water absorption




Solana Smart Protect is applied to the surface by spraying or by brush. Due to low viscosity, Solana Smart Protect impregnates the substrate, penetrating surface pores and capillaries, so that they are internally lined but not filled. At the same time, due to its composition, Solana Smart Protect does not change aesthetic appearance of treated materials.

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