Energy Saving

Advanced Thermal Treatment

Opportunities and options for the use of Advanced Thermal Treatment (ATT) for the creation of renewable and clean energy.

ATT is the use of gasification or pyrolysis for the treatment of waste(s) creating a usable Synthetic Gas to convert into electricity.

Widely recognised as the most efficient renewable energy source which is ideally suited to locations with waste disposal problems or limitations, and where the use of  fossil fuel is not sustainable.

Price per MW installed allows strong commercial returns for developers and operators.

The Benefits of ATT

  • Efficient-typically conversion ration of 50% plus energy in feedstock to usable SynGas
  • Hi Availability-8000 hours per annum export of energy
  • Flexible-Wide range of feedstock(s) including household, human and animal waste, crop and farming residual materials
  • Scaleable-plant size can be scaled for projects and projects can be developed out on a modular basis

Advantages for local needs

  • Location - flexible and low impact
  • Land take is small compared to MW export
  • Employment - Both skilled and unskilled employment opportunities
  • Energy security - ATT Solution can be effectively adapted for localised use eg. hospitals, hotels, industry, other process plants


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