Aero-Therm Insulation

AERO-THERM® is a new generation insulation product that achieves similar energy saving to older style conventional insulation materials, but accomplishes this in a completely different way.

Energy audits have shown that AERO-THERM® achieves on average 15 to 30+% energy saving, which is the equivalent of approximately 7-10 cms of mineral wool insulation. It is applied to the interior surface of exterior walls, floors and ceilings of a building or structure. AERO-THERM® works with interior temperatures from +10ºC to +37ºC.

AERO-THERM® is highly effective as a way of adding internal insulation, and is applied as a 0.8mm - 1mm thick coating. Fitting additional insulation material internally and replastering the traditional way is both more expensive (especially when considering the disruption to architraves and skirting boards etc.) whilst also reducing the room size. Adding an external insulation and coating is a far more costly solution involving scaffolding, expensive cladding materials and it can alter the external appearance of the property, thus in many cases this is simply not an option.

90% of AERO-THERM®™ is comprised of hollow glass microspheres with diameters of 10-300 microns, this is then combined with Aerogel which, as well as its insulating properties, acts as a binder. The microspheres provide both insulation and act as mirrors reflecting back the heat, while the Aerogel provides additional insulation through its honeycomb structure. It has the advantage of being breathable, so it can be used on walls that are susceptible to damp.

In comparison with normal insulation materials, where heat is trapped in the insulation layers, the AERO-THERM® combination of insulation and reflection means that treated properties heat up much faster and then retain and reflect the heat providing a more comfortable environment at lower temperatures, enabling the thermostat to be lowered.

Key Advantages over Traditional Insulation Materials

• Simple application by trowel, spray or roller
• No disruption to skirting boards and architraves
• Ideal for non cavity wall properties
• Suitable for listed properties and conservation areas
• Can be painted, plastered or papered over
• Faster room warm up times
• Breathable

Internal Insulation For Large Buildings
Be they Government buildings, Office blocks, Hospitals, Hotels, Supermarkets, Retail Outlets, Warehouses or Factories, these types of large buildings present particular challenges when considering energy savings using conventional thermal insulation methods. Thermal insulation in buildings is a critical way to maintain the thermal comfort of the occupants of the building.
The majority of thermal insulators work by reducing heat transfer by trapping air or other gases. Thus these insulators reduce convection as the primary method of reducing heat transfer. They are not effective in reducing radiant heat transfer, In fact, these more traditional insulators, like most building materials, have very high radiant transfer rates.

This is where AERO-THERM® differs from conventional insulation materials. Rather than trap heat or cold AERO-THERM® actually reflects radiated energy back on itself keeping the internal areas of a building either warm or cold and minimising energy loss.
Thermal imaging tests and practical applications have shown that with a 1mm thick application of AERO-THERM® to the interior surface of a buildings exterior walls, floors and ceilings, temperatures inside a building can be maintained using up to 40% less energy in comparison with other conventional thermal insulation methods.

Interior Insulation For Structural Steel Buildings and Industrial Units
AERO-THERM® can generate major cost savings when used to reduce the levels of energy used to heat or cool, structural steel buildings and industrial units.
These types of commercial buildings are typically of a large internal volume and are difficult to maintain at the required temperature level, suffering from high levels of heat loss and often worker discomfort during the colder winter months, whilst occasionally becoming a heat box during the summer.

As AERO-THERM® reflects thermal energy back on itself it becomes an extremely efficient product for use in these types of buildings, increasing levels of personnel comfort and increasing productivity.
AERO-THERM® can be applied to any material surface, be it profiled steel, brick or concrete block work either during manufacture or after construction, AERO-THERM® also benefits from low associated construction costs, being directly applied to internal surfaces using either plastering or spray application methods. In application, AERO-THERM® requires only minimal surface preparation, is adaptable to any shaped surface and as AERO-THERM® is not weather dependant it can be applied at any time of the year.
AERO-THERM® is Non-Toxic, odourless, fast drying providing minimal disruption during application to human activity within a building.

AERO-THERM® can also be used to treat spot problems such as thermal bridges, meaning that problem areas that may be prone to the development of condensation or mould-growth can be treated. In addition, AERO-THERM® can also be used as a complement to other thermal insulation materials.

The application of AERO-THERM® does not change the interior or exterior look of buildings whereas it significantly reduces energy costs and enhances quality of their use.

Technical Specifications
Material Parameters/Form material: Water-based sealant
Function: Energy saving, thermal comfort, mould prevention
Composition: Filler 3M Aerogel, dispersions, additives
Insulators: 3M glass microspheres containing partial vacuum, Aerogel
Application thickness: 0.8 to 1.0 mm
Coefficient of thermal conductivity: 0.047 W/mK
Heat resistance after application: -40°C to +150°C without loss advised
Adhesion to substrate: 0.8 MPa
Water vapor permeability: 117.21 g/m2d
Diffusion equivalent thickness: 0.19 m
Load construction: 0.3 kg/m2
Minimum lifetime: 15 years provided methods of application are followed

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