Water Treatment

A safe water supply in emergency situations

The CAPEL water filter is ideally suited to producing clean water in emergency situations.

The filter is to be used for the provision of clean safe drinking water in many parts of the world affected by: floods, earthquakes, disasters and military conflicts.


  • Does not require installation – ready for immediate use
  • Works without mains water pressure or electricity
  • Does not need replaceable cartridges
  • Small, light and portable
  • Can be stored safely for up to 3 years until time of need


The CAPEL filter has extremely high efficiency in the removal pathogen micro-organisms, pesticides, organics, metals, etc. Always produces the same consistent quality of water purification.


  • Produces up to 15 litres of water per day, that’s 10 large Cola size bottles!
  • During its life span the filter will produce over 2,500 litres of filtered water
  • Does not exhaust purification capacity – unlike other sorbent-based filters.

The principals behind CAPEL water purification

The CAPEL filter is based on the mechanical filtration through the track mem- brane. Thetrack membrane is produced from a specially processed polymeric film, which has pores of 0.27 micron in diameter with the density of 300 million pores per 1 square centimetre.

Learn more about CAPEL emergency water purification by downloading the Product Information Document

CAPEL Filter Testimonials

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