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Internal insulation overcomes the costly barriers associated with external insulation

Internal insulation reduces the high costs associated with the installation of external insulation, such as the erection of scaffolding, replacement of plumbing components, rain gutters and facades, which can affect architectural design and building appearance.

External insulation works are also weather dependant.

Using traditional forms of internal insulation also has drawbacks, such as, the loss of internal room space, the non treatment of thermal bridges and the possibility of condensation forming behind the insulation layer that may lead to mould creation.

AERO-THERM® does not reduce room space and works on a totally different principle to conventional insulation products, by reflecting radiated energy back into the room.

The benefits of this include savings on heating and cooling costs, the creation of a comfortable, healthy environment, and a significant saving on application costs.

AERO-THERM® is different to products such as reflective multilayer film and sheets, as it can be applied directly to the surface of any material of any shape, as a 1.0 MM thick application.

This makes AERO-THERM® a unique product with near-limitless applications.

As internal surfaces coated with AERO-THERM® reflect thermal energy instantly, treated rooms warm up much faster when heating systems are switched on.

AERO-THERM® creates a layer preventing condensation and the possibility of mould creation.
AERO-THERM® works in refrigerated or air conditioned rooms and buildings
AERO-THERM® is the ideal product to supplement building heating systems as it reduces the time and energy needed to reach desired room temperatures.